TUBEIT - Video Recording App

Project Brief

This video recording application is a new way of sharing SME knowledge through videos within the process industry. The typical users are the workshop or floor technicians who are experts in their skills.

The Problem

The application has low adoption within its demographic users. Too many redundant steps directly impacting the time taken to create a video.


Lead UX Designer

The Process

Discover --> Define --> Design --> Measure


Based on contextual inquiry, two personas were identified and were referred to throughout the entire product development process.

Site technicians

  • These are subject matter experts for operation and    maintenance of heavy machinery

Site Manager

      • These are managers who lead large teams of site technicians and workers on a manufacturing site.

      Current App

      A quick heuristic evaluation of the existing appprovided the below insights

      • No clear starting point or status of content recorded on the homepage

      • Multiple entry points for recording the first video

      • Static recording tiles with poor video status indicators and restricted interactions

      • Same visual styling for positive (Continue) and negative (Remove) buttons

      • Lack of overall branding and visual recognition throughout the application

      Customer Journey Mapping

      A quick usability testing was performed with representative users to understand how they interact with the applications. This helped in map the user journey to identify areas of improvement

      Detailed Workflow Analysis

      A detailed view of the current workflow to identify areas of optimizations.

      High Fidelity Wireframes

      Low Fidelity Wireframes

      • Total videos, minutes recorded and views gives an overview of the app usage and creates a feeling of accomplishment.

      • “Create a video” is visually the primary function

      • Recording templates have average time and no. of steps displayed upfront to help user to make an informed decision

      • Details like appropriate permissions, safety rules and additional team support are available on the templates screen



      Steps Reduction


      Time Reduction


      Higher Rate of Adoption