PIDGraph - AI driven Engineering Tool

PidGraph is a state of art object recognition tool that efficiently digitises technical P&ID documents. The typical users are process engineers, project managers who specialize in drawing and consuming P&ID documents.

The application has low engagement within its demographic users. It also has dated UI coupled with inefficient flows making the application tasking to use.

Business Challenge

    PIDGraph was designed in grey scale making the UI very inaccessible to the users

    The application exerts high manual and memory load due to missing critical functionalities like audit trail, file status, completion status etc.

    Use of misleading and inconsistent iconography further increasing cognitive load on the users

      Current Application State

        The current application state was in urgent need of redesign wit growing number of end users

        User Flow Analysis

          A proposed user flow supporting parallel workflows e.g. contextual search, alternate library view to aid frequent user actions

          User Research and Feedback

            User insights

            • High pragmatic value but low engagement value

            • Want better UI

            • Need role based login access

            • Manual overload to find audit trail/ version history of documents

            • Unclear icons and functionalities e.g. save to file, save to gallery, rules and tasks

            Product Redesign

            PIDGraph Color Palette

            Introduced high contrast accesible color palette


                Created a custom design language for iconography



                User Research Driven Enhancements


                Time Saving per



                Efficiency Ideas