hotstar - Digital Entertainment Platform

Project Brief

Optimizing the user experience of group viewing for India’s leading digital entertainment platform for mobile - hotstar

The Problem

In a geography like India, digital streaming services and OTT platforms are often shared and viewed in groups. A user research study highlighted a new feature requirement for group viewing experience. 


Lead UX Designer

The Process

Discover --> Define --> Design --> Measure


A series of personas were identified across the target audience. Below is one of the persona identified for traveling working couple.

Persona overview

Rishi and Kiran usually unwind in the evening by watching shows together on Hotstar. They  follow a popular TV series for the last 5 years. This is their favorite TV series. Rishi is very excited to watch the season finale of their favorite series next week along with his wife Kiran. Unfortunately Rishi is going to be travelling for work in that week and they will be in different cities.

Empathy Mapping


This technique helped in creating a shared understanding of user needs and aided in decision making during the requirement review process.


  • Spend time together
  • Activities like watch movies, yoga, dance classes
  • Chat
  • Read more books and blogs
  • Travel for work
  • Save for holidays


  • Need to relax
  • Dont want to miss their favorite shows
  • Need to save money
  • Peer pressure
  • Health
  • Luxury
  • Fashion


  • Watch shows
  • Chat
  • Read
  • Property hunting
  • Holiday boking
  • Online shopping
  • Yoga


  • Relaxed in the evenings
  • Excited about holidays
  • Stressed about work and travel plans
  • Happy while cooking together

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Theatre room

  • Group viewing experience
  • Schedule group viewing
  • Add/invite friends from social media

High Fidelity Wireframes

Customer Journey Mapping

An exisiting application customer journey helped in

Identifying customer pain points. This helped in priortising the areas of increased in customer engagement. 

Group viewing experience

  • View all your friends
  • Live chat to discuss the show



Contextual categories based on usage


Transformed the UX  to be a highly engaging, optimized and intuitive

< Minutes

Revised flow for user to spend more time using the app